SHARED GIFTS is an organization dedicated to helping people with and without life challenges and /or disabilities gain confidence, find acceptance and experience the joys of life through riding, education, community service, as well as a love and care of animals and horses. Additionally we are dedicated to providing shelter and humane care for aged, retired, and rescued animals and horses.


For many years, Marcia Evans (owner of Dawn-Mar Farm), has selflessly given to anyone, particularly children, who needed encouragement and direction to achieve their full potential and to aged and/or infirm horses that were unwanted and neglected, but are now thriving due to her loving and patient rehabilitation.

Through her 4H Easy Riders program (of 40 years) and her Merrimack Valley Equestrian Special Olympics program (of 20 years), Marcia has pioneered the "unified barn" concept by which special students are included in 4H competition in addition to competing in Special Olympics. Thanks to this equal opportunity approach, in addition to learning to ride, children in both clubs work together to care for their service animals as they embrace their differences and offer each other support and friendship.

Programs at Dawn-Mar are perfect examples of “Sharing the Gifts” of love, respect, understanding, commitment, and the mutually beneficial goal of helping each other succeed. Shared Gifts is so very proud to support the children and horses of Dawn-Mar since 2009.

Please read on to enjoy the stories of some of the rescued horses, as well as the description of some of the programs at Dawn-Mar Farm. Thank You!