Hi!  My name is Annie.  Being a Hackney Pony makes me special in lots of ways.  Hackneys like me are bred to pull a carriage.  I have a unique gait that makes me look really elegant when being driven (If I do say so myself).  My tail is docked so my driver isn’t wacked in the face with it. 

Okay, so maybe I’m not perfect.  I was born with a club foot.  No big deal as long as I have the specialized trimming every six weeks that allows me to maintain a normal gait.  In the past, some people thought I was hard to handle and a little bossy, but I was just being me.


I lived in three homes before I came to live with Marcia.  My last owner thought Marcia would understand my needs and give me a good forever home.  When I arrived at Marcia’s I knew how to pull a carriage as that is what most Hackneys do.  Even though I thought it was strange at first, Marcia helped me to understand that it was okay to let children hop on my back.  I like a rider that likes to have as much fun as I do.  My high action gait challenges some riders.  I’ve found that Kelly and Kendall can keep up with me so they’re my favorite kids. 


I have a reputation for being a little nosey.  Ask anyone.  Marcia understands and doesn’t get angry when I follow her into the barn to help her muck the stalls.  She knows I just need to know what’s happening.

Okay, I really try to be good.  Just don’t ask me to behave when the vet whips out his three inch needles.  I don’t care what he says, I’m not going to stand still.  No way!


I love my horse friend, Raven, but my two best friends are smaller than me and they look different too.  They have brown fur with white spots and a little white tail that sometimes stands straight up.  They come to the field in the morning to share my breakfast and converse before they start their day.  Their mom stands at a distance and grunts and stomps her feet.  I wish she would join in the fun. 


Living with Marcia and the other horses is really great.  I have everything a special horse like me could ever hope for and even more important, I have people who love me for being me.  I’m grateful for my forever home. Did I mention that my registered name is “Another Chance.”


Thanks for Reading my Story!!!


Special Donation for Annie


My Shavings $60.00 a month $720.00 a year
My Feed $47.04 a month $564.48 a year
Yey! - I'm barefoot!
  But I need trims!
$20.00 a month  $240.00 a year
Inoculation - (Ouch!) $20.00 a month $240.00 a year
Worming - (Yuk!) $2.00 a month $24.00 a year 
  $149.04 a month $1,788.48 a year