I’m Candyman. Would you like to be my friend?  If you say yes, you’ll be friend number 30,301.  I make friends with everyone I meet.  I can’t help myself; I just like people.  Even people who don’t ordinarily like horses have succumbed to my magical Morgan spell.


 I’m an old fashioned western Morgan (You know the type; short, stocky and uncommonly calm).  I was born in Washington State in 1976.  My unflappable nature has been both a blessing and a curse.  I’ve taught many young children to ride, but (if you can believe this) when they got pretty good, they wanted a more challenging horse.  So I was sent packing.  When I was ten, it happened again.  I had a “For Sale” sign on my stall door.  This time there were no children involved.  My new owners were all grown up and they already had one horse.  They said I was the perfect horse for them and since they weren’t going to grow up any more, I hoped they would keep me forever. 


I met Ezra, their classy mare, right away.  She was kinda bossy and standoffish at first, but I think she secretly liked me.  We developed a great relationship.  She told me what to do, and I did it.  That was okay with me. 

We did everything together for fourteen years.  Then “Life” happened again.  Our owners couldn’t keep us.  They tried to find us a good home and promised that we would always stay together.  One, two, three strikes and none of the places they found worked out.  Then we met Marcia.


Marcia has a farm with lots of other horses and the kids here need a horse like me.  I know I’ve finally found a place where my gentle nature is appreciated.  Marcia calls me an “angel on four legs” and a “babysitter.”  I love trying to decide just how much help a child needs and then adjusting my stride to match their capabilities. I just want them to have fun and be safe.  If I feel a rider is off balance, I just stop and wait till they’re ready.     I remember the day a young rider was practicing for a trail class.  Marcia kept saying “pick up the flag” but the rider was new at it and wasn’t quite sure, so I thought it would be helpful if I picked it up for her.  I was surprised when everyone laughed. 


Hippotherapy takes a bomb proof horse. That’s me.  I understand that the sway of the horse’s body as it moves loosens up the rider’s muscles and can actually help with balance and coordination.  Wow, I love being part of that.



I’m getting older and I’ve had some serious health problems recently.  Marcia thought she was going to lose me this past summer.  If it wasn’t for her quick thinking and good judgment, I would be just a loving memory. Some of my problems are chronic.  I love hay but I can’t chew it anymore so Marcia gives me complete feed and hay extender.  I started getting stiff joints.  She has medicine for that too.  I need special shoes to keep these old bones moving, but the thing I love best is the belly rubs I get when I give Marcia my pitiful pout.


Luckily, my story has a happy ending.  Ezzie is still my friend. I have an endless supply of kids who love and need me. I’ve found my forever home and I have one new friend.  I hope that’s you.



Thanks for Reading my Story!!!