cruiser cruiser2framed


       Let me introduce myself.  My name is Cruiser. Does the word “Cruiser” bring to mind a sleek, somewhat flashy, smooth riding vehicle?  That’s a perfect description of me, with one exception; substitute the word “horse” for “vehicle” and you’ll realize how perfectly my name suits me.   I’m a three-gaited, lowback American Saddlebred gelding.  My breed is prized for its pleasant temperament, eagerness to please, strength, stamina, grace and elegance.  I am a perfect example of all of the above, although no one has ever accused me of being humble.    


Before I came to live with Marcia, I moved around a lot.  I lived in many different boarding facilities. For some reason, which I still don’t understand, some of the horses picked on me.  I think they were jealous of my amazingly wonderful personality.  My owner loved me though and hated to see me getting bullied.  One day she seemed really sad, and explained to me how expensive it was to keep me and give me all the things I needed.  I was really sad too, but she said she found a place that I would love because there were children there who needed me.  I’ll never forget the day Marcia came to take me home. I was sad to say “goodbye” but I was anxious to meet all the kids.  


I liked my new home right away, but Marcia noticed I was starting to lose weight.  She was very concerned because she thought I was a little clumsy.  Me, clumsy, please!  She gave me something to eat called “Fat Cat.”  How embarrassing!  Do I look like a cat?  Anyway, it  worked.  It helped me regain my muscular physic.  You should see the before and after pictures.  No one calls me clumsy now.


My riders describe me as dependable, steady and reliable.  Some have said I’m the best horse to ride ever.  Just ask Jessica.  She loves to take me to shows.  Jessica and I received one of very few ribbons awarded in the handiness class at the 4-H State Horse Show this summer.  Performing to music is perfect for my way of moving.  Jessica and I are quite a team. 


I’m a perfect kid horse.  The more kids I get to lick, the better. When I’m not performing or licking kids, I like to play with Mr. Bits.  He loves to laugh and look for trouble.  I’m always right behind him.  He’s a great horse, even though he’s not much bigger than a large dog.  He’s what’s called a mini, but I don’t hold that against him.  He’s my friend!


Let me give you some sage advice.  If you see a cute little brown animal with a bad hairdo at Marcia’s farm, don’t try to get acquainted.  I just wanted to say “hello” and I ended up with daggers in my beautiful face. I’ve always been strong and fearless, but ever since the unfortunate incident with the dagger wielding fuzzy guy, I quiver and snort and hide in my stall if anything with fur crawls too close.  My little and mighty friend, Mr. Bits, isn’t afraid.  He bravely defends me from squirrels, chipmunks and any other scary invader.  It’s good to know that he’s got my back.  


Despite the daggers, I do love living at Marcia’s.  Everyone appreciates all my amazing attributes.  Even the other horses are impressed by my impeccable manners.  My life would be perfect if only someone would change the name of my food from “Fat Cat” to “Beautiful, Muscular Horse.”