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         I don’t have much time to speak with you.  I have people and horses to see and places to go.  I’m Maggie, a.k.a. Houdini.  It’s time to practice my newest escape strategy.  They haven’t made a door lock that I can’t sabotage.  My newest trick is to open my door and then let one or two of the other horses out to play with me.  I’ve even managed to teach Ali how to work the lock.  Boy do I get mad when Marcia ties my door shut where I can’t reach.  I’ve heard the word “instigator” and my name mentioned in the same sentence.  I think the word “leader” suits me better. 


Appaloosas are bred for their beauty and versatility.  They can do anything they want to do and they do it with self assurance and bravado. However, not all Appys are as determined as I am.  I like to make my own decisions.  For instance, if a rider uses her legs to ask me to move on, I may or I may not.  If I do decide to move on, I go where I want to go.  Oh, it’s a great life!  As you might have guessed, I’m a good horse for children to move up to.  I’m definitely not a beginner horse, but some of the kids enjoy the challenge I present.  I make them better riders.


I have very special horse friends.  Ali is the greatest!  She’s a beautiful white Arabian.  We’re especially close.  So close that whenever I see a white horse at a show, I make a point of getting close enough to see if it’s Ali.  That causes a problem for my rider who may not want to go in that direction.  Oh well!


You probably think I’m a youngster with all the energy and enthusiasm I have.  I was used as a brood mare for many years until they thought I was no longer useful.  I worked at a school for boys until it closed.  Then no

one seemed to know what to do with me. That’s when Marcia said she would take care of me. I like her a lot, except when she ties my door shut. My dropped heel needs special shoeing and I’ve lost my million dollar smile so I need special food, but at age thirty-four, I still have my sense of humor and my zest for life.


Sorry I said I didn’t have time for you.  Thanks for listening.



Thanks for Reading my Story!!!