Mr. Bits



Make way!  Here I come!  I’m on my way to visit my friends and there’s no stopping me.  I make the Energizer Bunny look like a slouch.  Being little has its advantages.  I can scoot under and squeeze through.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way and I have the will of five “ordinary” miniature horses. That’s my life now, but before Marcia found me it was very different.  Can you imagine me, Mr. Bits, being locked up in a garage with no outside space?  Just because I’m little, doesn’t mean I don’t need room to run.


Thank you Marcia!  Finally, I have someone who knows that a horse is a horse, no matter what size.  In general, miniature horses are easier to keep than standard size horses because we eat less, need less space and our hooves are really tough, so we don’t need shoes, just trims.  However, if we don’t get enough exercise, we’re in big trouble.  A fat mini is not a healthy mini.  When I came to live with Marcia, I was 75 lbs. overweight. Now that I have room to run, I can’t seem to stop. I’m not sure if I find trouble or trouble finds me, but we’ve become good friends.


I have one job that I take very seriously.  Cruiser had a run-in with a porcupine, and since then he thinks that any fur-bearing animal is a porcupine in disguise.  Since I’m closer to the ground than he is, he depends on me to sniff out and chase off any potentially dangerous intruder.  So far I’ve saved him from a squirrel, a chipmunk and a kitten.

He’s so grateful that he politely “invites” me into his stall to help him finish his dinner.  Once or twice I’ve worn out my welcome, and Cruiser has not-so-politely asked me to leave.  I’m a born entertainer.  Some horses like to kiss and tell, I like to bite and run.  I’ll do anything for a laugh and the kids around here make a great audience.  They call me a funny character; I hope that’s a good thing.   


I have a best kid friend.  Haley likes my playfulness.  I lean on her a little until she scratches me, then I lean a little harder.  She doesn’t like it when I start to lick her because she knows that following love licks come love bites.  Haley usually puts up with my antics, but she put her foot down when I tried to steal the belt she was wearing.  I guess it was one of her favorites.  As far a Marcia’s concerned, I’m a work in progress.  I know how to have fun, but now that I’m six years old, I have to start pulling my weight, literally. Marcia and Haley are working with me.  My goal is to be able to pull Haley in a carriage and compete in shows like most of the other horses.  A performer like me needs a stage.


I used to feel bloated and useless, but now, thanks to Marcia, I have my sleek physic.  I feel good; I have friends and a goal to achieve.  Most importantly, my personality is not only appreciated, it’s applauded.  Yes, laughter qualifies as applause.  Come see me.  You’ll be glad you did and if you’re lucky, when you leave, you’ll still have your belt.


Thanks for Reading my Story!!!


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