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       I’ll make you a bet.  First things first – let’s settle the terms.  If I win, I get a bright shiny apple.  If you win – I’ll give one of my famous big, slobbery kisses.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, you decide.


I bet you that I have more children than you do.  No fair cheating.  Write your answer on a small piece of paper and hold onto it for now.  We’ll trade answers at the end of this extremely entertaining Raven reveal.


Ah, the Tobiano Pinto horse, where do I start? Tobiano is a color and not a breed designation.  Almost any breed from draft to miniature horse can have this exquisite coloration.  Tobiano’s can be distinguished from other pinto patterns because a tobiano horse has white that crosses its spine between the withers and the tail, as if the white had been poured on by the angels above.  Tobiano’s almost always have white stockings.  A solid color leg is almost unheard of.  I’m a black tobiano because the splotches of color on me are black.  If they were bay, I would be a bay tobiano and so on and so on.


Being beautiful is no guarantee that your life will be easy, breezy. When I was younger, I taught beginning riders because I’m so gentle.  Maybe it was because of my beauty and calm nature that I was chosen to become a brood mare.  I have the misfortune of being allergic to almost everything that a horse normally comes in contact with, even hay.   I got so sick from eating yucky hay that I was almost euthanized.   A kind soul spent lots of time and money nursing me back to relative health.  However, bear with me while I explain what I mean by relative health.


I have an asthma attack (heaves) if I cross my eyes and look at hay.  I’ve had leg and joint issues since my early days of giving lessons and being jumped.  All my life I’ve had a calcium deposit in my front knee which causes me to limp, but it just makes me look clumsy; it doesn’t really hurt.

I’ve had cellulites, swelling in my legs, founder, navicular and I could go on. 


Marcia knew I had all these problems and she agreed to give me a home anyway.  I know my sweet personality had something to do with that.  She’s a sucker for a kind, gentle horse. 


Marcia is constantly working to keep me comfortable.  She wraps, soaks, massages, and makes sure I have the special shoes I need because of the navicular.  She is very careful to make sure I don’t founder again.  Hemp has been helpful in treating the swelling in my legs.  I really don’t think I would still be here if it wasn’t for Marcia.  I trust that Marcia would never let anything bad happen to me.  I sometimes wonder who takes care of her. 


Marcia has actually made me well enough to work part-time.  Liz comes to ride me and I love feeling useful again.  I take some of the kids to Special Olympics because we mostly just walk. 


This is a little embarrassing, but I’m going to tell you anyway.  I’m very confident doing things that I’ve done before and I know how to do, but please don’t ask me to do something new.  I have a nervous reaction and my mouth gets out of control with sounds and quivering.  Marcia has figured out that I’m trying to say “I don’t understand.”  She stays calm and tells the kids to pat me gently and tell me that everything is okay.  With that reassurance, I can learn the new lesson.


I’m very maternal and like to mother all the other horses.  Maybe that’s because I’ve had ten foals.  If I’ve won the bet, you owe me an apple.  If you’ve won, get ready to show me your paper because I’m already puckered up. 


Thanks for Reading my Story!!!


Special Donation for Raven



My Shavings $60.00 a month $720.00 a year
My Feed I can’t have hay because it gives me the Heaves (asthma). I need pellet feed.
$84.56 a month $1,014.72 a year
Farrier (I have cellulitus in one leg, calcium desposits in my knees,
I have even foundered. I need aluminum bar shoes on all four
Feet with leather pads.)
$72.66 a month  $872.00 a year
Inoculation - (Ouch!) $20.00 a month $240.00 a year
Worming - (Yuk!) $2.00 a month $24.00 a year 
  $239.22 a month $2,870.72 a year



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