Success Stories from dAWn-mar farm

My daughter has been taking lessons with Marcia Evans for about a year and a half. In that time she has gone from a rider very dependent on her side walkers and leader to an independent rider who can maneuver her horse through an obstacle course with ease. Marcia has been helping my 10 year old daughter, who has Down Syndrome, overcome her fear of getting up on a horse. Once she is up there she is very happy to be there and the wonderful horse, Candyman, that she rides is perfect for my daughters' riding ability. She is expected to groom and tack up the horse as much as she is able and is given more and more responsibility as she is able to accomplish each task. Treats are almost always in the car when we head over to the farm. Marcia has given my daughter the opportunity to compete with Special Olympics, giving her focus for her lessons. The horses know what their job is. One time my daughter was to ride Candyman down the arena, grab a stick from a bucket and bring it back. When they got to the stick, Candyman grabbed it and brought it back. When Marcia told Candyman that it was my daughters' job, he made sure she was able to reach the stick when they repeated the routine.

Marcia cares for many horses and each one has a special personality just suited for the various riders that Marcia teaches. Riding at Marcia's barn is one thing that my daughter asks for, rather than waiting for me to suggest she have a lesson

We have been boarding and riding at Dawn Mar Ranch with Marcia Evans for about a year and a half.  In that time we have been more active with the Easy Riders 4-H group and all of the different activities including Speical Olympics, the Equine Affair, State competitions and so much more.  The riders at this barn really care about the horses and their team mates.  It's been really great being part of a group that is so warm and accepting of others.  Sometimes show competitions can be tense and stressfull but this group really knows how to have fun. This barn is very active all year long with so many activites you will never be bored.


My grand-daughter Alex Gelinas at the early age of 5 knew she loved horses.  At the age of 7, we found the Easy Riders 4-H Program with Marcia Evans.  It has been a great program for Alex, not only was she able to excel in her riding with Marcia and her horses, it also taught her responsibility, helping other 4-H members when they needed help and working with the community.  She has since moved to Georgia but has continued her riding at the age of 14.  When Alex comes back summers to NH she still continues to contact Marcia and the members of Easy Riders.  The bond has never broken.

I have learned so much at 4-H from riding horses to first aid, I learned everything I could possibly use in life.. I also had lots of fun! Thank you Marcia for everything you have done!


Riding at Marcia’s farm is my lifetime dream come true. At first I was at another farm but they were too expensive. So my dad and I checked out the 4-H area at the Hopkinton fair. We decided to try a lesson or two and see how I liked it.

            Like most girls I loved horses when I was little. I dreamed of riding and becoming a champion.  For some reason that dream hasn’t ended. I guess I’m just lucky enough to have met Marcia.

            Riding at Marcia’s is a great opportunity. It’s inexpensive, builds good character, is great exercise and most important, it’s a ton of fun! Not only do we ride horses but we…..

-         have over nights

-         go to the Equine Affaire

-         make arts  and crafts

-         have honorary nights

…. and so much more. I love riding at Marcia’s farm!

I feel very fortunate to have found the Easy Riders 4-H Club for Elizabeth. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know very much about horses. Marcia has been very patient with allowing us to learn by doing. She lets our whole family groom the horse when Elizabeth gets ready to ride. The horses are gentle and literally become friends with the kids. Watching Elizabeth work hard on sitting forward in the saddle and seeing her love every minute of it is worth a trip to the farm any day.  She can ride for an hour or longer and she’ll still be smiling after all that hard work. The responsibility of caring for the horse, preparing for a show, and learning and remembering how to show the horse has helped Elizabeth to mature and gain confidence in herself.


I've been involved with kids and horses at Marcia's farm for twenty years, both in her 4-H group and Special Olympics.  She is a very active leader and involves the kids and parents in many activities.  Some of the kids are handicapped due to physical and/or learning disabilities and working with the horses under her direction has been wonderful...helping to boost self confidence, encouraging social skills, teamwork and just plain fun!

I have been with Marcia for 5 years.  She has been teaching me driving and working with the mini's for the past three years.  Marcia and the mini's have helped me toward improving my self confidence and behavior.  I love showing in 4-H and Special Olympics, Alter Boy and I love jumping in the shows...


I have been riding with Marcia for the past 5 years and love Ezzy!  She has taught me a lot about riding and showing in the 4-H and Special Olympic Shows.  Ezzy and I love the carrot race and egg and spoon game!